What Parents Say about us

“Our experience in this childcare centre is that the teachers and the principal are supportive towards the child and parents. Our son was slowly able to adapt to the school environment and with the teachers around him, he slowly learnt to eat by himself. We would recommend this school because the teachers are always updating on how our children are coping in school, being supportive and caring towards our children.”
Mr Khairul
Father of Naufal Aqil (tots)
“I am very impressed with the commitment level of the teachers and definitely feel assured. I also appreciate updates of Aiden from time to time. Aiden has become good at drawing and expressing himself. I will recommend the school as they (the staff) are very kind and responsible teachers.”
Ms Winnie Lim
Mother of Law Zujun Aiden (Juniors)
“The teachers are very professional. They can answer all my queries and demonstrate their professionalism. They take care of the children very well. The school and facilities are clean. With the skillset and professionalism from the teachers and principal, I am confident that children will be very well taught and taken care of.”
Mrs Lee
Mother of Jolynne (Juniors 2)
“Teachers are friendly, helpful and responsible. Wayne has learnt to communicate in a group setting, and wait for his turn to speak. I will recommend the school as the location is very convenient for the nearby neighbourhood and the teachers are responsible and friendly.”
Ms Jasmine Chan
Mother of Wayne (Juniors 2)
“The teachers are attentive and friendly. During the graduation ceremony, we saw our son being the introduction Emcee and we were surprised he can speak well in English! We will recommend the school as we feel safe and not to be worried about our children in the school as the teachers can really take care of our kids.”
Parents of Dylan (Junior 2) and Vanna (Junior 1)
“I have been sending our children to the preschool for more than 4 years. My children have always considered the school as their second home and we are very contented for that! When we see our children getting excited to go school, we know that they are well taken care of. We are grateful for all the effort from the teachers and school staff. We really appreciate your efforts!”
Parents of Benjamin Teo (Junior) and Bernice Teo (Junior 2)
"My son was enrolled in Jan 2020 in K2 class. It was out of pure luck, that the school was able to able accept my son as I was transferring him from another school to HAVEN Schoolhouse. Having been in the school for less than 2 months, I observed that my son's mandarin speaking ability and confidence have increased significantly. I no longer see him spending a few seconds thinking of the translation from English to Chinese. His speech is more instinctive now, and his sentences are better structured rather than piecing them up from English translated vocabulary. For that, I am happy to have made the switch and encourage HAVEN Schoolhouse to continuously improve your curriculum to benefit the children there. I sincerely thank the teachers in the school and the curriculum developers of HAVEN for designing a well balanced lesson plans. Being a professional trainer and Learning and Development professional, I appreciate the effort even more."
Francis Lim
Father of Jayden Lim(K2)