3-4 years

We continue to engage every child that progresses to their Nursery years in safe and fun activities that allow them to grow into independent communicators.

Nursery Curriculum

Our curriculum is guided by learning outcomes that progresses across the next three years.

Educators encourage the children to learn through play with a flexible routine, which will take the form of music, dance, games, and reading. Here, every child will gain a more complex understanding of numbers and letters, and mother tongue lessons will become more in depth. Learning experiences will not be constrained to the classroom, and excursions will allow them to relate to their lessons with a conscious mind.

Through their daily routine, we hope to enable development in six domains.

Six Learning Domains

Early Numeracy and Natural Environment

We incorporate numbers in our daily lessons for children to recognize simple numbers and their relationships in order to match or sort them. These exercises also help them learn about basic shapes and spatial concepts.

Aesthetics and Creative Expression

We create art, music and movement for children to express their ideas, feed their imagination and learn through experimentation.

Discovery of the World

We let our children develop a positive attitude towards the world around them, and find out why things happen and how things work through simple experiments.

Social and Emotional Development

We help every child develop an awareness of personal identity, manage emotions and behaviour, as well as show respect for diversity.

Motor Skills Development

We develop the essential coordination, balance and control motor skills of each child through active participation in physical activities.

Language Literacy

We develop foundational communication skills and help each child speak and read with understanding. Through drawing and writing, we also introduce Mother Tongue language and literacy skills.


Conducive preschool environment for constructive growth and fulfilment of potentials.

Low teacher-child ratio, so your child gets all the care and attention they need.

A welcoming and inclusive community that values learning and sharing.

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