5-6 years

The most crucial time in preschool education is when we prepare your child for primary school. The foundation we build here provides a strong base to excel in the future. We provide meaningful contexts for children’s learning and integrate the six different learning domains for holistic development.

Kindergarten Curriculum

Children progress at a much faster pace at this age, and the Kindergarten years are designed to prepare every child for the transition to Primary School. Reading, writing and math are carried out at a higher level.

Play is also used to encourage development, through music, dance, games, reading, technology and lots of outdoor fun.

Six Learning Domains

Language and Literacy

Identified as the key focus area in our curriculum, we aim to include stories, poems, rhymes, songs in all our daily activities. Preschoolers learn to follow along as someone reads to them, remember familiar stories, learn the letters of the alphabet, and begin to be more intentional about what they draw and scribble.


Children are involved in activities that encourage them to count reliably, compare, problem solve, measure and foster mathematical skills. Real life and purposeful opportunities are planned to relate to children’s understanding of mathematical concepts. A variety of materials are available for every child to explore and think.

Discovery of the World

Children gain understanding of the world when they ask questions, observe, predict, experiment and represent results. Every child will be engaged in observing events, explore natural objects and reflecting on what they learnt. Children are given freedom to come up with their own solutions, and teachers will act as the facilitators.

Creative and Aesthetic Expressions

We aim for preschoolers to appreciate the arts and music. Art and music materials are accessible to children to explore the various elements. We use these modes for children to express themselves and explore various media and various materials.

Motor Skills Development

There are provisions of daily activities for children to be involved in outdoor play, practice and develop their fine motor skills. We recognize that children should master good control, balance and keep themselves healthy. Creative learning centres are set up in the classroom to promote learning through daily play, where hands-on activities are made available in language arts, math, and dramatic play.  

Social and Emotional Development

We groom children to try new activities, and to say why they like some activities more than others. Through our daily activities and routines, children play co-operatively, taking turns with others. They take account of one another’s ideas about how to organize their activity. They show sensitivity to others’ needs and feelings, and form positive relationships with adults and other children and have fun while learning.


Conducive preschool environment for constructive growth and fulfilment of potentials.

Low teacher-child ratio, so your child gets all the care and attention they need.

A welcoming and inclusive community that values learning and sharing.

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