Infant Care Program

2 – 18 months

Our infant care program places emphasis on the development of strong bonds between the educators and the children under their care. With our carefully structured daily activities, we nurture your child through interactions, activities, and experiences with educators and other children.

Infant Curriculum

At this phase, children are infinitely curious. They start to explore the world around them, as they continue to grow. Our approach to learning is big on nurturing, building relationships, and play!

Every child’s wellbeing and development is our focus, and they take part in age-appropriate activities to develop their sensory, linguistic, emotional and motor skills.

Through their daily routine, we hope to enable development in
five domains.

Five Learning Domains

Social & Emotional Development 

Our educarers encourage toddlers and nursery children to feed themselves and provide one to one interactions during personal care routines. They identify children’s feelings and are responsive to their needs and moods. 

Our toddlers are also engaged in unstructured free play, pretend play and games. They are given different materials to explore various shapes, colour, size and texture. Through these experiences children get to know and build relationships with others!

Early Language Development

Our teachers provide opportunities for children to be exposed to rich language experiences through verbal communication, rhymes,
and finger play.

A variety of books are also read to children on a daily basis.

Early Numeracy and Natural Environment

Our educators create an awareness of counting, matching and sorting during playtime. This teaches every child the concept of numbers and allows them to match objects of different shapes, sizes and colours.  

The educators also bring our infants on stroller rides to observe the plants and birds during nature walks.

Physical Development

For infants, our educarers help develop head and neck stability through tummy time. This means they get to be on their stomachs while they are awake to promote motor skills. This also prevents the back of the infant’s head from developing flat spots.

Aesthetics Development (Art & Music)

As part of their daily routine, our educators lay infants on the floor and move their limbs to the beat and rhythm of the music. Music experiences support the formation of important brain connections that are established over the first three years of their life.


Conducive preschool environment for constructive growth and fulfilment of potentials.

Low teacher-child ratio, so your child gets all the care and attention they need.

A welcoming and inclusive community that values learning and sharing.

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