How to Determine Which Kindergarten is Best for Your Children

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The preschools and kindergartens in Singapore are supposed to educate and take care of children from 18 months old to 6 years old. There are different types of kindergartens in Singapore. Some of the kindergarten centres offer infant care to babies between 2 months and 12 months of age. The kindergarten centres in Singapore can be divided into different categories based on the governing body and different types of curriculums are followed in different kindergartens. Therefore, it is essential to learn a few details before selecting the best kindergarten in Singapore for your child.

Governing Body

  • MOE Operated : The citizens of Singapore and permanent residents (PR) are eligible to attend the MOE (Ministry of Education) operated kindergartens in Singapore. The citizens of this country have to pay a monthly fee of $150 and permanent residents have to pay a monthly fee of $230 to enrol their children in MOE-operated Kindergartens. The HI-Light programme and Starlight Literacy programme are usually followed in MOE-operated kindergartens of Singapore.
  • Anchor Operated : In Singapore, a few kindergartens receive government subsidies and they are called anchor-operated kindergartens. They offer discounted rates in order to educate and look after the children. The international students and kids on dependent passes are eligible to enrol on this type of kindergarten. The curriculum for anchor-operated kindergartens usually follows the play-based learning method, Montessori programme, and Reggio Emilia approach.
  • Private Kindergartens :There are numerous privately operated kindergartens in Singapore. However, they are regulated by the Ministry of Education (MOE). In private kindergartens, the Montessori programme, Reggio Emilia approach, and play-based learning method may be used for kids’ education.
  • Location : The curriculum and monthly fee are two important points to consider when selecting the best kindergarten in Singapore. It is equally important to consider the location of the school. It is difficult for the little ones to travel long distances. Thus, it is prudent to select a kindergarten that is located closer to your home.
  • Second Language : It is prudent to enquire about the second language tuition when selecting a kindergarten. In some kindergartens, English is the first language and Mandarin is taught as part of the learning programme. The majority of the kindergartens have Mandarin immersion programmes.