How Preschool Teachers Help in Overall Development of the Children?

The public or private preschools in Singapore use enjoyable activities and educational toys to train the children (up to 6 years old) before they take admission into the primary school. In Singapore, play based learning method is used to teach the kids –

    • How to solve problems
    • What is cause and effect
    • The importance of sharing and compromise when playing with others
    • How to resolve conflict

This type of learning method nurtures the imagination and creativity of the children. It enables them to think independently and helps them in developing their fine motor and gross motor skills. In Singapore, preschool teachers have many responsibilities to fulfil.

    • To cultivate a positive attitude in kids, preschool teachers welcome each student with a warm smile every day.
    • To establish respect for their peers, students are taught how to take turns during events or daily activities.
    • To build confidence, kids are encouraged to speak in front of the class and participate in dramatic play or how-and-tell activities
    • To teach kids how to resolve disagreements without being aggressive or throwing tantrums, teachers work as mediators.
    • For emotional development of children, teachers engage in conversation with the students and encourage them to express their feelings.
    • To know the Mother Nature and to take a break from the monotony of daily life, teachers plan excursions and encourage the children to participate in outdoor activities.
    • To teach Chinese culture and customs, teachers escort the students to various cultural events.
    • Every week, teachers develop lesson plans based upon the interests of different students. They structure the activities based upon the developmental needs of different children.
    • Teachers of private preschools in Singapore watch out for the safety of the students during the class and outdoor activities. They keep parents informed regarding the daily activities in school and update them regarding changes in curriculum.