Enrichment Programs

Enrichment Programs

Haven Schoolhouse Enrichment Programs are built to nurture the hearts, minds, and hands of every child for future success so that they will be confident in meeting the challenges ahead of life. Harnessing the support of parents and teachers, we aspire to build every child’s self-confidence and encourage them to explore the world around them.

Mental Abacus

The Abacus is a Multi-sensory Tool which allows children to equate physical objects to abstract thinking. This enrichment program aims to make math less abstract and more accessible to younger children. It eliminates the fear of large numbers, breaking the barrier to higher level thinking.

Soccajoeys Preschool Program

This program is focused on advocating a healthy and active lifestyle for young children by helping them develop positive lifestyle habits. We endeavour to make fitness an integral part of every child’s daily routine.
Some of the benefits of this program include:

  • Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight
  • Building strong bones and muscles
  • Improving balance, movement and co-ordination skills
  • Promoting social skills through interactions with people
  • Supporting brain development.
  • Encouraging self-confidence and independence

Speech & Drama Communication Program

Our Speech & Drama Communication Program is a dynamic and engaging initiative designed to foster the holistic development of young children through the power of expressive communication. This program is carefully crafted to provide a creative and interactive platform for preschoolers to explore language, emotions, and social interactions.


Conducive preschool environment for constructive growth and fulfilment of potentials.

Low teacher-child ratio, so your child gets all the care and attention they need.

A welcoming and inclusive community that values learning and sharing.

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