Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in a Reputed Infant Care Centre in Singapore

Infant Day Care Centre Singapore - Haven Schoolhouse

The Singapore infant care centres have been a blessing for dual-income families. They create an environment which is conducive to the overall development of a child’s health and brain. The infant care centres of Singapore look after the needs of children who are 2-18 months old. In Singapore, it is not uncommon for the would-be parents to enrol their children into the infant care centres before they are born in order to avoid being put on the waiting list.

Benefits of Enrolling Children in Infant Care Centres

    • Children have the opportunity to play with other children and explore. It nurtures their curious mind enabling them to learn while playing and improves their social skills.
    • Children grow rapidly at an early age. They need to exercise regularly due to this reason. Every infant care centre has a playground or gym which is equipped for infants with floor-mats, cruising bars, push cars, gym blocks and balls along with the sensory toys. Children can flex their muscles using gym equipment and this will stimulate their growth.
    • Teachers read stories to the infants and communicate with them to nurture their linguistic ability. It was found on many research based studies that talking to the babies lay a strong foundation for their communication skills even if they have not started talking.
    • Children like to explore the world using their senses, such as smell, touch, taste, hearing and sight. The teachers at infant care centres create a multi-sensorial environment and allow the children to learn about their surroundings through different objects, activities and thematic experiences.
    • Teachers use the playtime (matching, counting or sorting) to educate the infants regarding the numbers, shapes, colours and sizes.

In Singapore infant care centres, emphasis is put on strengthening the bond between students and educators. The carefully structured regular activities and lessons nurture the brain of infants. The interactions between the educators and students improve the social skills of infants.